The Institute of Economics is a teaching and research unit of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), associated with the Law and Economics Center (CCJE). It offers an array of academic programs such as undergraduate and graduate, research and specialized services in the economic field that are of the interest of the University or of private and public entities.

The Institute of Economics is committed to presenting and discussing in a critical and in depth way the main paradigms of modern economic theory and each vision implicated by them, their interdisciplinary boundaries, analytical means, power to explain the reality of current economies and the confrontations between their propositions.

This plural and critical outlook is acknowledged through the undergraduate and graduate course syllabi and readings, as well as in classroom activities which seek to stimulate the student's independent intellectual reflection. Pluralism is also expressed in the research projects elaborated at the Institute, defined by the most diverse theoretical and empirical concerns. On the empirical side stands the knowledge of the Brazilian economy and the analysis of the impact of economic policy instruments in the reality of the country. With this, we intend to preserve and strengthen the most precious legacy of the institution: a reflection in relation to the problems and the options available for the country's development.

The Institute of Economics of UFRJ is one of the Brazilian centers of excellence in economic teaching and research. It has played an important role in the academic formation of high-level professionals for both public and private institutions in the country and also in the elaboration of relevant theoretical and practical knowledge.