Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate Economics program at IE-UFRJ is one of the country's oldest undergraduate courses in the field, having been recognized by the Ministry of Education in 1945. It is considered to be one of the highly rated and most prestigious programs in Brazil, due to its contributions towards the development of important content in this area of studies.

The academic formation is pluralistic and exposed to contributions of important thinkers from different schools of thought. Our priorities are to offer an analytical formation and teach our students to think, preparing them to become the leaders that the country needs.

Since 2011, the IE-UFRJ Economics course has also been available during evening classes. Both morning and evening programs share the same curriculum, but have different periodization and duration – eight periods in four years, for the morning course, and 10 periods in five years, for the evening course. Currently 80 students may be admitted each semester in the day course and 40 students may be admitted per year in the evening course.

In addition to the undergratuate Economics major, the Institute of Economics is involved in offering two other undergraduate courses at UFRJ, both in collaboration with several departments of the University: International Relations (60 slots per semester) and Public Management for Economic and Social Development (50 slots per semester).