The Economics Program (PPGE)


The Institute of Economics is the academic unity at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro responsible for teaching, research and advanced studies in the field of Economics. The Economics Program (PPGE) of graduate studies in Economics is one of the three graduate programs offered by the IE-UFRJ.

The Economics Program has over 30 years of tradition in teaching graduate-level Economics. The master course has been launched in 1979, while the Doctorate programs has started in 1987. More than four hundred Master’s dissertations and two hundred Doctorate theses have been concluded since the PPGE was created, several of them having being awarded by different academic and non-academic institutions in Brazil. The PPGE is a consolidated graduate programs and one of the most important in the field of Economics in Brazil.

One of the main characteristic of the PPGE is the critical and pluralist vocation, which is reflected in the wide range of theoretical affiliations of its professors. Different theoretical orientations live together, covering from a mainstream view in Economics to a varied range of heterodox approaches. As a matter of fact, the PPGE is a reference center in education and research based on the heterodox thought in Economics.

The PPGE aims to educate economists with a critical thinking. For such, the program seeks to provide their students with a solid theoretical background, concerned with presenting the different theoretical approaches in Economics. It also provides them a solid training both in historical and comparative analysis and in the use of modern quantitative methods in Economics.

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