Revista de Economia Contemporânea (REC - Journal of Contemporary Economics)

REC is an electronic, open-access quaterly journal dedicated to publish original papers on Economic Theory, Applied Economics, Economic History, History of Economic Thought, Economic Methodology and other pertinent economic matters. On account of the IE-UFRJ self-criticism and debating tradition, REC wishes to be plural and open to dialogue with the present-day different theoretical tendencies in the expanding frontiers of economic thought. It also focuses on discussing relevant Economic Policy topics whenever the editorials have academic importance. The journal is regarded as an influential vehicle of information amidst the academic journals on economy in Brazil.

Textos para Discussão (TD - Working Paper Series)

The TDs - or the Working Paper Series - is a traditional space for our faculty members to share ideas and spark the debate on critical relevant issues related to their research initiatives. TD papers are usually only available in Portuguese.