Título:  Roads and Forest Conservation
Data, horário e sala:  09/09 às 14hs na sala 102
Sobre o autor: 
Short bio: Julien Wolfersberger is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at AgroParisTech and Paris-Saclay University. He is also a Research Fellow of the Climate Economics Chair of Paris-Dauphine University. His research focuses on environmental economics and development economics. Julien holds a PhD from ParisTech and was a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Duke University and the University of Oxford.
Abstract: We build a quantitative spatial model to study the impact of changes in transportation costs on spatial development and deforestation in Brazil. We examine how new roads change the spatial equilibrium of agriculture, increase market access in remote regions and cause deforestation. For this purpose, we build a data-set combining agricultural census data and satellite-data on both forest cover and road networks. Our results show how decreasing trade frictions within a country may lead to economic gains but may also weaken natural resource conservation. We highlight the general equilibrium effects of this trade-off and examine several important outcomes related to structural transformation.