Revista de Economia Contemporânea - REC (Journal of Contemporary Economics, is a fully open access journal edited by the Institute of Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. REC welcomes original research-based academic papers that address topics of domestic, regional, or international interest and give a theoretical, methodological, or empirical contribution to the field of Economics.

Being one of the top-rated journals in the Brazilian Economics community, REC publishes 24 to 32 papers annually on a continuous publication model.
Revista de Economia Contemporânea invites SASE Rio 2023 network organizers, mini-conference organizers, and participants to publish the papers presented at the Rio conference ( with REC in an issue to be released in 2025. Submission and evaluation requirements are as follows. 
Only papers presented in the symposiums of the following networks & mini-conferences are welcomed:
  • B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development
  • C: Gender, Work and Family
  • E: Political Economy of Industrial Relations and Welfare States
  • F: KITE: Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • L: Regulation and Governance
  • M: Spanish Language
  • N: Finance and Society
  • O: Global Value Chains
  • Q: Asian Capitalisms
  • S: Environment and Climate Change
  • MC01: Post-Neoliberal Transformations: Politics, Practices and Governance in a Changing International Political Economy
  • MC02: Connecting the Dots Between Global Capitalism and National Capitalisms in a Transitional World Order
  • MC03: A Digital Revolution in the Making? Productive Opportunities, New Divides and Implications for Development and Policy in Middle-income Countries
  • MC10: Studies on Informal Activity and Policies for Its Reduction
  • All papers should be prepared in DOCX format and contain up to 9,000 words, including references.
  • All papers should be written in either English, Portuguese, or Spanish.
  • All submissions must contain a cover letter and a full anonymized article in two separate DOCX files.
  • The cover letter must be prepared using this template.
  • The full paper must be structured into numbered sections providing context & background, literature review, materials & methods, description & discussion of results, final remarks, and list of references. 
  • Submissions must be placed at
  • All submissions will be evaluated by the REC editorial board and invited specialists.
  • Only manuscripts submitted according to the submission requirements will be considered. 
  • Submissions will be evaluated and accepted for publication based on:
  • the adequacy of research theme and problem to REC’s editorial scope
  • the relevance of research theme and problem in the current Economic debate
  • the originality of the contribution to the current Economic debate
  • the adequacy of materials & methods employed
  • the quality of the paper organization and writing
All submissions must be placed at
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